Choice Hotels Franchise Benefits

Key business perspective benefits of a Choice Hotels franchise

A Choice Hotels franchise offers additional value than any other global franchise. We provide in depth knowledge and support in all the key functional aspects of your operation.

  1. Flexibility of franchise agreement and your product standards/design
    The flexibility of a Choice Hotels franchise agreement allows the hotel to retain it’s own brand name & identity. There is also added flexibility of fluid brand standards. Hotel franchisees also have flexible operational structure and fee structure.
  2. Innovative operational systems and support
    Choice Hotels gives you access to one of the Worlds best-performing GDS platforms, Real-time reservations platform, and access to our benchmarking and reputation management system.
  3. Become a part of one of the worlds leading loyalty programmes and create customer engagement
    Choice Hotels franchisees have access to an award winning worldwide loyalty program with 26 million members, giving you all franchisees exposure to international markets. Choice Hotels gives guaranteed rate attached to ARR with loyalty bookings.
  4. A global sales and marketing partnership with local support, generating leads for your business
    Choice Hotel properties consistently rank our local service teams as key to their success. We are the only global franchise to have an office in Ireland. Choice Hotels Global sales continuously drives business and have Global Account Directors based in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the US, looking after leisure and corporate accounts.
  5. Cost savings across several channels
    With flexible & competitive franchise fees, preferred commissions with OTAs & GDS, and inclusion of consortia and TMC programs, our total average franchise fees can deliver direct cost savings.